Born and raised in the subtropical Deep South on the unceded and occupied land of the Osage, Caddo, and Quapaw people (aka North Louisiana) to Deep Southerners of Deep Southerners and so on. For the short amount of time I didn’t live in Louisiana, I lived on the land of the Shawandasse Tula/Eastern Band Cherokee/Uchee people (aka Nashville, Tennessee). I love the actual land, the food, the music, the arts, the people.


Blackness is vast and magnificent. It means infinity squared things. It is luminous, creative, restorative, warm, beatific, engaging, nourishing. It is all time. Black like possibility. Black like vision. Black like hope. Black like laughter. Black like song. Black like dance. Black like wonderful.


Est. 1983. Saturday morning cartoons. Stirrup pants. Patent leather Mary Janes and lace-trimmed socks. A designated computer room in the house. Floppy disks. Avocado toast. Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z siblings. Grew up around Greatest Gen, Silent Gen, and Boomer fam, too. Gen Z and Gen Alpha niblings.

MSW Student

Wrapping up a master’s degree in social work. Learning in the (virtual) class and necessarily beyond it. Doing some micro, some mezzo, some macro with a focus on community practice. I’m not trying to be a savior or hero. I’m trying to be an accomplice. I’m up for liberation, and I know we gotta go at systems.

Latest project post

  • A self-evaluation to lower distress

    eggs painted like emoticons. the ones in the front look worried, amused, and heart eyes

    I picked a problem (distress), designed/picked measures and a measurement plan, picked interventions, implemented and evaluated. Read more

Latest blog post

  • How anti-LGBTQ+ policy can hurt the hospice and palliative care population

    multicultural group of people gathered at a rally holding signs that say "trans people belong in Louisiana" and "trans rights are human rights" and "We say gay!" along with LGBTQ+ flags

    Anti-LBTQ+ policies hurt members of our communities and complicate the provision of palliative and other care. Read more

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