Good News

Comic book style speech bubble that says "I gotta tell ya about this!"

Good stuff happens. It’s always worth celebrating. Be prepared for exclamations in abundance. Abundance!

8/20/2022 – My oldest nephew graduated with a BS in aviation management!

8/19/2022 – My MSW is official!

8/5/2022 – After a hiatus of over a decade due to family duties and life, my older sister successfully completed her first semester back in nursing school last week!

8/3/2022 – I turned in my very last assignment as an MSW student!

7/18/2022 – My niece P. is really into making things with beads!

7/16/2022 – My peer Eric D. from my MSW cohort (who was also my group member in the Macro & Policy Practice class) passed his licensing exam and is now an L-MSW!