graffiti pf a person with the words "made in crisis" superimposed over a reddened satellite image of a hurricane

The 2005 landfall of Hurricane Katrina and 2008 Listeriosis outbreak were national crises for the governments of the United States of America and Canada, respectively. Each event was a matter of public health and security. How effectively officials communicated with each other and the public during these times impacted the extent of loss of well-being, livelihood, property, and life.  The following is my 2009 analysis of the communication response of those managing each crisis.


  1. Opening page (current)
  2. Roles and priorities: Maple Leaf
  3. Roles and priorities: Hurricane Katrina
  4. Stakeholders
  5. Overarching Strategy and Goals
  6. Tactics: Maple Leaf
  7. Tactics: Hurricane Katrina
  8. Timeline and resources: Maple Leaf
  9. Timeline and resources: Hurricane Katrina
  10. Measurement
  11. Conclusion
  12. Resources cited