MSW, CSW. Community Practice Social Worker

Asset Based Community Development for Louisiana & Mississippi Veterans

A report on using an Asset Based Community Development approach to empower Louisiana and Mississippi veterans – particularly women, lgbtq+, and Vietnam veterans.

middle of the span of a bridge over the mississippi river that is winding off toward the back of the image under a blue sky

During my MSW specialist year (four semesters), I interned at a five-state hospice agency doing program development work for the We Honor Veterans Program. This report, Bridging Strengths to Empower Louisiana & Mississippi Veterans: Towards and Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Approach, was one of my two big projects for the internship in the last semester. (The other was co-authoring a grant proposal for the Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization to improve equity in veteran healthcare for Louisiana and Mississippi.) It was the grand finale. Bridging Strengths focuses on three categories of veterans that have been/can be “invisible”/underserved compared to other veterans – women veterans, Vietnam veterans, and LGBTQ+ veterans. The essence of it is to use what is and what is strong for these communities to move forward to the good that can be.

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