MSW, CSW. Community Practice Social Worker

We Honor Veterans Program Evaluation Proposal

I designed a program evaluation for level 2 of the We Honor Veterans Program. There are a lot of parts to this, but the logic model might be my favorite.

A collection of dozens of dog tags hanging on hooks on a wall

The latter part of Program and Practice Evaluation was the first part of the course title – program. We were encouraged to tie this project to our internships and design an evaluation of programs offered through these sites. Since I was already on the program development team at my internship, this was a good chance for me to get a deeper understanding of the We Honor Veterans (WHV) program and how we can measure outcomes to see if we’re achieving what we say we want and need to achieve. WHV has five levels, each with their own activities and requirements building upon previous levels. I picked level 2 as the focus of this proposal. There are several elements of this, but my favorite might be the logic model I created. A logic model helps you draw a line from your resources to what you do and from what you do to the outcomes. Simplified, it’s “If we have thing 1, and we do thing 2 which produces thing 3, then we will get thing 4 which is the benefit we want to achieve.” So here’s my logic model, my connection of “things,” for WHV Level 2:

And if you are interested in program evaluation or need some literature for bed time, read the full program evaluation proposal.

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