Joi Chadwick Brand Profile

“Leaders take people to places they’ve never been before.”

– Kouzes & Posner, The Leadership Challenge, 4th edition

Beyond this visible world, there is an invisible world striving to manifest, and it is our job to uncover it.”

-D. Scot Miller, Afrosurreal Manifesto, 2009

Joi Chadwick is multidisciplinary consulting brand fusing social sciences and arts to explore and uplift the human condition. The creative, collaborative, and analytical nature of experience in these disciplines nurtures core competencies of social consciousness, qualitative research, honest storytelling, and Afrosurreal approach to communication and leadership.

This is brand about defining yourself for yourself [hat tip: Audre Lorde]. This is about using that self to spill marvelousness into the world.


To reveal better, unbounded world(s), the Joi Chadwick brand honors and encourages curiosity, fluidity, accessibility, authenticity, diversity of experience, and necessary excess.


Our best selves liberated.

Mission Statement

Inspire and enable more communication and leadership practices that create equity and spread happiness in the world.

About Joi, the person

joi from the shoulders up with red and yellow glow outline and the words "feel it" with circuit effect up the side outlined in red

“We continue to hear the cries and see the evidence of minds turning in on their own selves yet simultaneously stretching toward unbound desire and liberation of existence.”

Surrealism is not dead... (my master’s thesis), 2011

All my goals in life have spilled from one overarching dream: to be a superhero. But I want to be a superhero among superheroes – a full multiverse of all of us being amazing.

I am a Black, Millennial woman from the South (Louisiana, specifically) who is a band nerd trained in social sciences and passionate about the arts.

I hold a BA in Sociology with a (massive!) minor in music from Louisiana Tech University and an MA in communication and leadership studies with a concentration in strategic and organizational communication from Gonzaga University. Once I was a server at a pizza buffet, childcare worker at a residential facility, and an inserter turned circulation/PR manager at a small-market newspaper. Once and always I’m a euphonium and tuba player who started on clarinet and played oboe and alto/tenor sax, too. I contain multitudes, and I bet you do, too.