The Joi Chadwick brand strives for accessible content, healthy communication, and extraordinary leadership. It is friendly, knowledgeable, playful, creative, and helpful. It is 14 feet 1 inch tall. It loves to turn cartwheels and solve problems. It is both Joi the person (me) and something beyond Joi the person.

You are part of the Joi Chadwick brand. In the brand, we believe happiness is something we don’t have to grow out of. We reject the obligation of misery and the temptation to spread it. We choose to grow into happiness in old and new and wonderful ways. We do not kill time but rather birth time beautiful as it has done for us, and reclaim our time. This includes diligent work, exhilarating recreation, and sweet rest.

We respect the power of communication. Communication is a magic, and we live mindful that, online or offline, it has real-world impact on people. We consider the possibilities of our communication contributing to suffering or joy. We use our communication to help people get what they need to survive and succeed. We remove barriers and champion access and equity.

We learn. We change when necessary because growth is wonderful and we love to do better and do good.

We are not just going to be a little bit ourselves or shrink ourselves. We’re going to be ultra us.